The Pollack Shores Story


When most people talk about their company, they talk about what they do. But the story of Pollack Shores Real Estate Group is also what we’re passionate about - creating value through multifamily investing.

  • We invest in multifamily communities across the Southeast – acquiring, developing and managing a diversified, balanced portfolio.
  • We establish and manage funds and investments with some of the world’s top financial institutions.
  • We invest in continuous planning, solid operations and flawless execution – because when you master the basics, you very quickly make the most of new opportunities and adapt to rapidly-changing market conditions.
  • We invest in our people – giving our already-experienced team the opportunity to grow as we grow our company.
  • We invest in neighborhoods – bringing our best talents and local people to the table to make the overall community the best we can.

We were all successful before we founded the company in 2006, but we knew there was a better way to do things. We wanted to be different – unique. That uniqueness is born of deep experience, exceptional people, creativity, a process, our drive for perfection, solid financials, integrity, and great relationships.

And stay tuned - we’re still writing our story. We’re committed to the very best for our firm, our investors, our clients and our residents. We’re in it for the long-term.